A Distant Mirror — Watergate and ‘aerogate’

On June 8th, the Washington Post carried a fascinating article by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, a retrospective about the Watergate affair (here).  It speaks to ‘aerogate’ in Alberta.

Quoting Bernstein and Woodward:  In his last remarks about Watergate as a senator, 77-year-old Sam Ervin, a revered constitutionalist respected by both parties, posed a final question: “Why was Watergate?”

The president and his aides, Ervin answered, had “a lust for political power.” That lust, he explained, “blinded them to ethical considerations and legal requirements; to Aristotle’s aphorism that the good of man must be the end of politics.”

In Alberta, successive Premiers and their Cabinets and caucus have had, for too long, a lust for political power that has blinded them to ethical considerations, blinded them to Aristotle’s aphorism that the good of the citizens must be the end of politics.

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