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  1. Mr. King,

    I had the distinct pleasure of hearing you speak at the ATA Leadership Essentials for Administrators Conference in Calgary on November 17 – just days ago.

    The conference proved invaluable to me, in practical ways and as a source of inspiration to continue attuning to the ever-changing world of education outside the confines of the day-to-day pressures I am faced with as a teacher/administrator.

    There were several times during your address that I wanted to reach for something to record phrases that resonated with me for future reflection and research. Unfortunately, with nothing immediately around me, I allowed the impulses to pass and simply immersed myself in being present in the ideas you shared.

    I wondered if you would consider posting your speech to this site. The ability to revisit your words and to share with others would provide opportunities for rich discussion among my colleagues.

    Thank you for your time and dedication to the “beautiful risk” of education.

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