My Creed

Each of us lives within a framework of beliefs that cannot be proven (or disproven).  These beliefs may be the source of our personality, or they may reflect our personality.  My framework originates from the Christian context,  although the reality of my faith continues to evolve.  The story was not finished in 33 A.D. or in 325 A.D.

I have confidence in the origin and evolution of all creation .  I live in hope.

My Creed

God is the first creator. Creation is both purposeful and spontaneous – for me as well as for all the rest of creation – because God is all-loving and joyful and I am free.

God knows me completely, loves me unconditionally, and is always with me personally. God wants me to live forever, in joy and completely at one with Him and with all of creation.

God is both transcendent and immanent.

Jesus is a complete demonstration of God’s love: in my personal experience, he is the only complete demonstration.

I live in faith and hope; I reject fear. I live in peace; I reject anger or violence. I live in abundance, not in poverty. I celebrate and affirm.

I live in the moment.

I live in relationship. I respect and love all. I do not victimize, make scapegoats, or objectify anyone, ever.

I am a person of good will. I seek to avoid falling into error by what I do or leave undone. I repent, apologize, and seek reconciliation when I wrong anyone or God’s creation.

I put my gifts in service to God’s love, as fully and as constantly as I can, because to do less is to leave the world less than it could be in this moment. Therefore, I must be ready at all times, for all things. I am a steward at all times and in all places.

I seek to travel with the authority of God, to the people and place where God would have me be.

To know God is to live wholeheartedly for God’s purpose – creation and evolution, abundance and diversity, eternity, blessing, and happiness. I am transformed by the loving relationship that God and I have, and I seek to make the transformation on-going, a reality of the present and future even more than of the past.

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