Vital Issues – Risk – Change – Wisdom

In our community, our province (or county, or state), our nation — globally — we have big issues to deal with, and there are immense risks and rewards (or costs) associated with all of them.

The penultimate risk is that we will change the ecology of which we are a part, so quickly and so transformatively that we will not be able to adapt, and disappear or be reduced and marginalized..

In order to increase the likelihood of our well-being in the short term, and our survival in the intermediate term, we need to address the on-going evolution of our race.  Particularly, we need to understand our humanity better, and in the light of that better understanding, we need to re-create democracy and our economy.

We need to dream,  hope, plan, and work to achieve our aspirations.  We need integrity, imagination, and energy.  We need trust, relationships, each other.

This web site is intended to be an explorer and facilitator of conversations about difficult and contested issues, especially related to:  citizenship; democracy; ecology; and, economy.  Facilitation entails transparency, accessibility, and respect.

This site has a bias for evidence-based decision-making.  The important conversations, however, are about the future, and there is no incontrovertible evidence about the future.  In conversations about the future, the real goal is to make wise decisions that are evidence-based but transcend the best (sometimes conflicting) evidence currently available, to reflect a moral outlook, character, and aspirations.

Throughout this site, in addition to posts, pages will change from time to time, as new information, additional perspectives, and deeper understanding become part of the web of conversations and reflections.  Much of what is here is ‘provisional’ — intended to be grist for your mill as well.





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